Here what some of my past challengers have to say about joining our online wellness studio!
Keep in mind, THIS is why I do what I do! Because helping and sharing with others see the value of living a healthy and fit lifestyle is the most amazing feeling in the world!

Keep on rockin'!

" I just have to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your motivational support and positive posts. smile emoticonIt is a reminder to make healthy choices daily. I just completed a 3-day juice cleanse (and the book Made to Crave) as a part of my latest fitness goals and I got on the scale this morning and it said 155!! That is 19lbs down from when I first reached out to you last August regarding the 21 day fix program. Since then I have done the program a few times but overall it has been a lifestyle change, which the fix makes so clear for you. It is amazing how much better I feel! People would always say, oh you look fine you are tall - but deep down that is not an acceptable reason. I have changed my habits and have loved the results. My latest workouts include running to prepare for Memorial Day in fact, where I am running on a relay team for the VT City Marathon. Anyways...I just wanted to say THANK YOU! And I hope others are seeing these results too!!"
~~Ariana W.

Here is what Jenny had to say:

“I am SHOCKED by the amount of change I saw in just 21 days. I really didn’t have a lot of weight to lose; I was just looking to cut back on all the coffee, feel better, and have more energy. Overall my health habits have changed for the better---I’m running faster, my family is eating better and I owe it all to this virtual community and Kaitlin for the awesome support. Thanks!”--Jenny S.

“When I first approached Kaitlin about joining her Wellness Studio I was really skeptical, I had tried so many other ‘health shakes’, workout programs and diets---all that led me to feeling more miserable and further away from my goals then when I started. The fact that I had a 30 day money back guarantee AND that I would actually get to EAT FOOD was the winning ticket for me--I just want to eat food and enjoy life! It really is about a lifestyle change; my self confidence in myself has skyrocketed and I have to share this life with everyone I meet!”--Krista S.


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