Body After Baby

Having a baby is a BIG DEAL--

And the first few weeks you kinda are in a fog, especially if it;s your FIRST. EVERYTHING HURTS! And you cry at anything and everything, and keep asking your hubby to keep your belly fed because dang nursing makes you HANGRY!!
And then you try to keep baby on schedule, and remember what side he/she nursed out of last and what time he/she nursed..and it goes on and on.
BUT the most important parts are the SNUGGLES! Oh those babies snuggles you can't get enough EVER.

Once you are all settled into a routine (sorta) you realize you need to start taking care of YOU--yet you don't even know WHERE or WHAT to start with-so I am sharing these 10 tips with you--to get your mind and body back into a healthy groove and feeling your best for you and baby!

I hope you enjoy these top 10 tips!! If you need more support or are ready for a more dialed in nutrition plan come join our Virtual Bootcamps! A great community and support network for busy mom's just like you! Application Here:

Looking for a Healthy Meal on the Go:


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