comparison is the thief of joy...

Yesterday on my run..which was supposed to be much much longer than what I ended up running; yet...I have had a super funky week! My husband had the stomach bug and my period lasted 3 weeks..literally 3 weeks so I had to make my way to the doctor to see what the heck was going on! (all seems fine now I guess)

But as I was heading back from my run it was so easy to beat myself up and tell myself that I suck and I should be running more because of the races I have on the horizon. 
I'm gonna be honest, I have a race coming up and Doubt keeps creeping in, I haven't had a solid training plan, I'm running slower than I used too, I'm not beating any PRs and it's HARD. 
Comparison is such a thief of joy, even if it's comparing to your past self. So WHAT if I'm slower, SO what if I'm only running 1x or 2x a week. I'm running! And it's something that BRINGS me joy so that is all that really matters. My body can run, so isn't that joy enough?

Does anyone else deal with this?! 
Especially after having baby's?!


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