SO much more than a number

"What if this whole journey of
Getting healthy could be more about what we're in the process of gaining than what we're losing?"--L.T.
This process is more than a number, more than pounds lost or how I look. It is the life I gained, the positive energy, the happiness, the strength, the courage, the will to carry on when I feel defeat, the love for myself that has carried over to loving these two 

I find when I don't workout I am a cranky mess and have much less patience. 
I actually am working on more patience but we can't be perfect now can we?! 

Its so funny to look back on myself, I used to do fitness so that I could look like 'that girl', attempt to fit into a smaller pair of jeans, I wanted abs like so and so, and I just did it because I felt that's what all the cool people did. HA. How VAIN of me!!! 

Since having babies; fitness has NOTHING to do with one of those things...I mean yeah we all want our abs back after baby right, but I want MY abs and no one else...knowing that THOSE abs housed TWO babies...holy moly; I better treat them with some respect! 

I do fitness because it makes a better person; it makes me happier, If I'm happy my family is happy. The journey is a process and its a process I wish everyone would be willing to take!! 


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