Small Business Saturday

These moments seem to be few and far between but I thank God I am here to savor them when they come! Being able to be present in my boys lives daily makes all the hard times worth it. It makes all the hustle I do behind the scenes worth it. And I thank God for technology like this so I can capture and bottle up this memory from this week forever! 

I know I’m a bit delayed in this, but seeing as Small Business Saturday was last week, it got me thinking. When you support local you support someone’s DREAM.

When you join one of my virtual boot camps and/or become a coach yourself you are supporting moments like THIS. Not only MY Dream but YOUR DREAM. You are not buying into a big corporation; you are allowing me more time with my husband, you are allowing me to be a MOM, you are allowing me time with my babies; something that is rushing by much too quickly... I truly feel CALLED to serve and guide others, that everything in life has lead up to this moment and by doing so I am helping others with their DREAM. 

It is nothing short of a beautiful exchange of energy when I encourage someone to invest into themselves and in exchange they end up investing in me, Its a series of positive vibes that just keeps flowing back and forth and continues to get bigger with each life I come in contact with.

Health and fitness goes so much deeper than what is seen by the human eye--so a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who have trusted in me and allowed me to invest into you, and thank you for making my dreams come true one life at a time.✌🏻


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