This is less than ideal conditions but it's also #reallife...somedays I just can't get my arse outta bed @ 5AM and this is the end result...it's not perfect but it's DONE & I got a few happy vibes from it. Mission accomplished! 🏋🏻

Seriously...this does sounds crazy, but Mommas BE SELFISH at the beginning of your day...take that 30 or 40 minutes before your family wakes up and #believe in yourself for a minute. 

When you are selfish & have ME time...you can spend time filling your cup with positive vibes✌🏻️ & happy endorphin's
what'cha watchin' Momma?!

Don't worry mom, I know you are trying to do a push up, but if I sit under you it will make it easier for ya! 
 🤗 Your day will be better-you'll smile more and for a brief moment you may even feel like you have your shiz together...and that you can so anything and everything! 


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