Don't dream your life...

Morning snuggles NEVER get old. 
Holding this vision, this perfect world in my head, that one day we will 
live our life free of worrying about income, 
we will spend our days together as we choose, 
travel when we wish and live our life to the fullest, 
because isn’t that what LIFE is all about?
I did not grow up to build someone else's vision,.
I am growing up to build mine.
Who is anyone to tell you what you can and cannot be,
What you can and cannot do.
Don’t dream your life, LIVE YOUR DREAMS

I don't think people TRULY understand HOW awesome it is to design your own work hours; to schedule your day around the ones you love the most...and not get any back lash or feel guilty. 
When I am too tired to wake up or get nervous to share what this opportunity has done to change my life, I think back to moments like this...and remember that I'd be SELFISH If I was NOT sharing. 
Because I am no different than you; I just had a dream, a dream to live MY LIFE and build it to my liking. 

You can too. 


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