The Struggle is REAL & RAW

OK so there are so many posts that I have wanted to put on here and it just HASN'T HAPPENED. 

I just can't get here often enough to get my shit together; sorry for the slang but its legit. I knew two under two was going to be tough, but I feel like with the changing of the seasons we are going through some sort of huge growth spurt or something and its been WILD. 
Vito hasn't been napping, insert I am so tired and annoyed from this..and insert I also run a business from home so its SO hard to get stuff done when he doesn't nap! 
Oh the crying this is his wet suit...because he NEEDS fresh air or else life just falls apart! 
Paolo has been super crabby also probably just a spiral from everything that is going on and he can sense the grumpiness from me..I love being with them, I really really do but my goodness sometimes I just want to cry!

The past few days have been probably the roughest since Paolo was first born, they have both been very needy, when I am tending to one the other is crying or climbing on the counter dumping the spices, or grabbing at the knives, or trying to turn the stove on. And I do my best to stay calm, but like I said the last few days I've lost my temper more than once and its resulted in all of us crying! 

When things get like this it just makes me want to eat; and eat I mean eat junk. I don't normally have 'junk' in the house but I will go for the stuff that I know will make me feel like crap just because in the moment it feels/tastes good such as crackers, tortilla chips,  cereal, leftover pizza that my husband brings home from work, bread with cream-cheese and if there is chocolate in the house, watch out, it all goes into my mouth before I even know what the heck happened! 

He wants the sink, so I bring him water to play with...that lasted about 2 minutes 
I feel like right now I am in this cycle and if I don't put a stop to it now its gonna only get worst. This past week its been a struggle for me to wake up to my alarm so I can get a good sweat it, and I tell myself its fine I need the sleep, but then I am grumpy with the boys and my husband because they are all so darn needy in the morning, and if I don't get a workout in I AM grumpy because I think when the heck am I going to fit it in?! And then everyone is grumpy because I am grumpy and usually more crying comes with the grumpy. And then the emotional eating starts and then I get mad at myself because I'm like WHY do I do this to myself?! You feel me Momma's?!! 

So if any of you are in this cycle let me see a show of hands! 
It is SO nice to know that I am not alone in this!  This afternoon it got me thinking, let us Momma's band together! And work on these struggles TOGETHER! Let us work together to become stronger, happier and fitter momma's who by pouring into US, we can pour into our families. Because honestly My family is worth it, they are worth SO much more than what I have been giving them lately; my marriage is worth it, my husband is worth it, I AM worth it! 

I refuse to continue to let this dark and cold weather sabotage my healthy habits and attitude. It has been a back and forth struggle the past few weeks and I am kicking that too the curb right now! Some of you may be thinking HA, committing to a workout program NOW?! With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming so soon...This time of year things become SO crazy, schedules are thrown off, you find yourself more tired than usual, you cave to the sugar, you order more take out than you want too, the kids are SO needy and you tend to put YOU last. This results in the holidays being more STRESSFUL than JOYFUL and who wants that? I am determined to make my HOLIDAY season JOYFUL and it all starts with ME. It starts with YOU. Putting YOU first so you can GIVE more.  
Let's do this Momma's! This face is worth it! 

If you want to come join me on my journey I will be starting TWO groups this month one on the 14th of November and one the 28th of November; pick a date, fill this out, Let's Band Together Momma's and lets get this Mom party started! Here is to a joyful holiday season!
I love you all! xo


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