Abs for Christmas?!

Finishing up week 1 of 3 of my new program & back on track with my meal plan! These programs seriously give you ERRRYTHANG you need to make a change! 

You can workout until your blue in the face but 90% of our results come from what we put in our mouth 😝
The HOLIDAYS 🎃🎄are here but I will do my BEST to help you see that you CAN make progress this time of year! 💪🏻

Winter vacation coming up?! Keep that suit 👙dusted off and leave the stuffing to the turkey! You ARE what you EAT! 
It's funny how daunting it can be to start something new, but then before you know it, its week TWO and you even ENJOYED it! I am finishing up a 21 Day muscle building program, and will be starting a new journey on the 14th of November in hopes to have some serious ab definition for Christmas! Just because it is cold outside doesn't mean that you should be putting on layers, the only layers you SHOULD be putting on are thicker sweaters!!! 

Looking for a program that blasts that belly fat and really gets your core fired up? But hate traditional ab exercises? Maybe you had a baby not that long ago (hint, hint I"m 3 months PP!) and just want to build your core back up after carrying that baby. Or maybe you just want a challenge and the ability to work out in your living room with zero equipment, or need a workout program to take with you for all the holiday travel! 

Well look no further that program is here and I will be walking right along side of you if you are ready to take that journey!

Please fill out this application if you would like to be considered, I refuse to pack on the average 7-10 lbs this holiday season, what will it be?! 

Abs by Christmas Application 


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