Are you Average or the Exception?!

Hello Everyone!

So here's the thing; it's just about November...the weather is colder, the days are darker and moods can be less than exciting... our natural instinct is to throw on the baggy sweaters, eat those yummy treats and say exercise, meh I'll get to that later! 
But NO!! Don't do it!! You all have worked SO hard up too this point! Why throw in the towel now?! The average American gains 7-12lbs between now and New Years...I beg to differ! Lets enjoy our treats, but still wake up to abs on Christmas!
Ya feel me??!!
I have opened up TWO more slots for my Nov 1st virtual boot camp, lets make the holidays count this year, be EXCITED for those family pictures, keep the winter blues at bay and most of all make YOU a priority.

Let's leave the Santa Suit to Santa!

 Are you gonna be average?! Or the exception?! 


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