Postpartum Journey Day 1!

SOO...this ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️is NOT easy for me to publicly post...but today is DAY ONE of my Country Heat Journey...and all my challengers took their pictures...and I'm walking right along side of them! 

It took all of the willpower I had to turn my thoughts into positive ones as I looked at myself in the mirror this morning. 10.5 months ago I was in the best shape of my life...and now here I stand not even being able to fit into my jeans, or pants or shorts.
BUT our bodies are so freaken amazing! I was given the ability to grow another LIFE...(to this day it still blows my mind!) and now here I am ready to start pouring back into myself, physically and mentally so I can continue to be strong for my boys.
Is it about the abs?! Nope!
Is about the number on the scale?! Heck no!
It's about being STRONG, centered, HEALTHY & HAPPY for them! Because if I'm happy---->> they're happy! If you are looking to get your happy back...come join us for our next virtual Bootcamp! 💌Email for more information! #youareworthit

Come join me and other momma's who want to feel strong and empowered in their bodies!


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