Time to turn up the heat!

 Its August!! WHAT WHAT?!

Like when in the heck did that happen?!

I know I've been slacking on the posts guys and I'm really sorry! ADjusting to life with a new baby has left me with very limited time and by the time I get alone time with my computer I usually end up taking a power nap! I'll get back into the swing of things soon enough I promise,,,as is I'm currently typing with baby on my chest...heehee...Anyhow I've got some super exciting news for ya'll!!

COUNTRY HEAT! IT has been released!!!! Whoop whoop!

This program is for ANYONE and EVERYONE due to its low impact, no equipment required, 30 minute workouts.
Today I'm calling out to everyone who has considered starting or restarting their relationship with a healthy lifestyle!!
If you follow other fitness accounts I can totally relate how daunting it may seem to reach out and ask for support..(I know it was for me!)
So let me promise you this is, if you have hit a plateau, feel discouraged, or are starting from scratch, tired of making excuses or recently had a baby like me; let this be your SIGN! ✳️
I will encourage and support you to make sure you accomplish all of your goals you have for this healthy new life to become the best version of YOU!
The amount of people this program has helped is REAL, the number of people it has yet to change is REAL! Country Heat is real sweat, real food, & real results! YES your physical appearance may change but it goes SO much deeper than that! Living a healthy lifestyle affects all of those around you, it helps you deal with stress, anxiety, depression; it gives you energy to go about your day and best of all allows you to become the BEST YOU possible so that you can give your best.
I have a limited number of spots open in our VIP Group & We kick off August 15th! If you are at all curious about it and ready to become the best version of YOU possible email me ASAP! YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS!
*** I just did a live Country Heat class at our local Beachbody Super Saturday today...SO FUN! and when they say its for everyone; its for everyone! I am not even 2 weeks postpartum so I was just kinda doing a few moves lightly, but some of those ladies were gettin; DOWN and dirty! The best thing is you start where you are; and work your way up! *** So come join us!

One of the ladies who was in the initial test group

another lady that was in the test group!

just ONE of the many ladies who were in the initial test group!


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