Tips for Busy Mom's & How to fit in a workout!

I posted earlier in the week, or maybe it was last week, I can't remember! (sorry I blame that on the fact I'm 37 weeks pregnant and its very humid and hot in my area, but I guess everyone is hot right?!) about making the time too workout. I really feel that EVERYONE has the time; its a matter of making the time and sticking too it.

Yes you might be very busy, you might be a working mom, and have very limited extra time, but EVERYONE, EVERYONE has at least 15-30 minutes to fit in a workout. If you really have the desire to change, feel better, gain more energy, feel better, care for your family better, the list goes on and on then you just have to stop making excuses and DO IT.

Tough love I know, but you guys, its the honest truth. I see way to many individuals reach out too me saying they want to achieve goals XYZ, that they are tired of being tired, tired of not having energy for the family, tired of looking at themselves in the mirror and so forth. LIFE, LIFE is TOO short for that! If you are TIRED then you HAVE to suck it up, figure out a plan and execute.

EXCUSES, Excuses are merely for those who refuse to take responsibility for their life.
Excuses NEVER improve your situation and making them will not change your situation. So you can keep making them, and telling me that you don't have the time, or the money, or you work X amount hours a day, or your kids keep you too busy, or your boss hates your, or you can't because you haven't exercised in a long period of time, the list could keep going and going.

The point of the matter is; Excuses will not get you anywhere!

So here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Stop making excuses. Write them all down; read them and chuck them.
2. Make a plan (will you wake up 30 minutes earlier? Maybe do a workout on your lunch hour? Do it with your kids when you get home? After they go to bed) And stick to that plan for 2 entire weeks; yup Do it every dang day for 14 days; if its really not working re-evaluate and make a new plan.
3. Find someone to keep you accountable. Spouse, friend, your older children, a parent, siblings, neighbors etc. Let them be your mojo when you have none!
4. Include your kids! It is OK to workout with them!! By doing so you are showing them a healthy lifestyle! Once you build a routine of it with them; they will understand, it will become a normal part of their day. They will see you become happier, and they will begin to push you to keep at it.
5. Start small; Make small changes each day; don't bite off more than you can chew. Maybe right now you can only fit in an extra 10minute walk during lunch break. Or a walk with your kids after work.
6. Just do it. Commit to it and DO IT.

OKay, I hope that helps! If you need any tips, tricks, hints, workout ideas etc, you know who to ask!

Keep it real ya'll! Peace


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