Cookie Dough Bites...oh my lawd...

OK; this one is for all you cookie dough lovers out there! And lets be honest...who DOESN'T love cookie dough?!

I stumbled upon this recipe on my IG feed the middle of this week and I couldn't stop thinking about them so I broke down and made them yesterday. Of course; knowing the main indgredient is Shakeology than I don't need to feel guilty about eating them right?! And with this heat wave that is taking place up here in the North East, the fact I could pop them into the freezer and take one out when I wanted was just too good to be true!

how cute are those?!
They didn't take long to whip up, maybe 10 minutes?! They did seem to be a tad on the dry side as I was first mixing them up; but once they were frozen for a few hours I would have never guessed them to be dry at all !

Here is the recipe: shakeology-cookie-dough-recipe/

You have GOT to try them right now! 

And on a side note; I have SO many people tell me that 'Shakes aren't their thing' Well I bet if you knew you could make cookies with it, your thoughts might change! :)

Happy Weekend friends! Peace!


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