Bikini Body...what IS that?!

What defines a Bikini Body?! It is a BODY in a BIKINI πŸ˜œπŸ€—
It does not matter your age, size, weight, if you've had children or not...if you want to wear a bikini then rock one! 
You do not have to look like a Victoria's Secret Model, BUT feeling confident in YOUR body sure does help! No matter what others think about you; it is all about how YOU feel about yourself! 
Summer time was always a stressful for time for me; I would buy bikinis to wear to the beach but always ended up wearing shorts and/or a tank over them because my self confidence was at rock bottom.
Here we are many years later and I've been able to rock a bikini postpartum AND 35 weeks pregnant---feeling as confident as ever! I feel STRONG & POWERFUL in my own skin for the first time in way too many years!
I'm sharing this with you because YOU can change too! You can feel Strong, Powerful & Confident in YOUR body! You don't need anyone else's!
Choose Health and happiness follows. It all starts with the desire to commit to a new way of life.
A new life of confidence and feeling PROUD of the skin you are in! YOU have the power to change and I am here to encourage you along the way! Come join us for our July 18th Virtual will be rocking your Bikini come August!

E-mail me: for information! I cannot WAIT to empower and encourage you along this journey! Peace!

IF I can rock it...YOU can too! (please ignore slobber on mirror!)



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