And the race has ended! Onto the next one!

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I've been MIA! The past month was filled with me trying to getting ready for baby's arrival, my in laws are up from Italy, it's been very humid here and being in your last month of pregnancy just makes you exhausted!

I do hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

So the last 4 days have even been more of a whirlwind. I was anticipating my due date, and really reminding myself I'll be pregnant until this baby wants to come, so trying to make the best of it. On Tuesday the 26th, I had my weekly appointment and was 100% effaced, 3cm, head was engaged and the Doctor said he could feel my membranes. So I was like OK I can be 3cm for another month! Whatever! 
My husband was home for the day and we had plans to bring Vito to the beach, which we did! It was great! He had a blast playing in the sands and water and so glad we brought him. I however was just feeling SO ready to have a baby, I legit could not walk well anymore and I kept getting this weird warm fuzzy feeling in my belly. 
Again I told myself, don't get your hopes up! 
The day went on its merry way, I went for a walk after dinner, and again was like OH MY WOR this kid seriously is going to fall out!

About 6 or 7 I started having contractions, but nothing too out of the ordinary, I brushed them aside and went about my evening stuff getting V to bed and whatnot. I took a nice long shower and it kinda hit me, like S""T! I think these are for real! I told Carlo to start timing them and most of them were 7-10 minutes apart, some were 5 or 4. I was like OK, that still doesnt warrant a hospital visit, I laid down and fell asleep for a few hours. I woke up at 12:30 from an intense contraction and then I had 3 more and knew, OK this is it! This baby is coming SOON and we better get moving!

I called my dad who lives a driveway down throws, he came over to stay with Vito and I as writing down breakfast, nap time instructions for my little guy. 

On the drive I was just like is this really happening?! Ahhhh no turning back now! All I could think was I am SO close to the finish that I just want it too be over! I was waiting for my water to break I. The car but luckily that never happened! We arrived at the hospital a little after 1:00AM, went through the maze of construction, and made it too the ER as they sent me up too labor and delivery. 

I had called them to tell them I was coming and sure enough whenI got there my nurse took me to the room, got my Johnny out for me and the rest of this will be continued in Part 2! 


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