How do you spend your days?!

How you spend your days, is surely how you spend your LIFE. 💝 
When I think about my life right now, I am MOST thankful for the fact that I pushed past my fears, That I chased my dreams one small step at a time. 
God put it on my heart to start this fitness business--and I was SO afraid at first! But working away from home, I was miserable, I never saw my son or my husband due to his work schedule. I knew something had to change. At the same time I was so afraid of failure and adding ONE more thing to my plate felt like too much.
I very easily could have said NO & never started. For some reason I said YES! It's funny how God will answer your prayers in some of the most unexpected ways. So many times we put limits on what we are capable of, but God has NO limits...He knows we can do anything if we put our trust in HIM.
I hear from ladies all the time that they are tired of working away from home because they have no time with their children, or the time of freedom. Yet they feel it has to be this way. It doesn't!! Life is NOT black & white! There is so much gray area that it is up too YOU to create your own dreams, or you will be used to accomplish someone else's dream.
I have never felt more inspired to help women & Mothers create a successful business from their home. I have open enrollment going on for my team right now--if you want to get in the best shape of your life AND help others do the same while making an income, I would Love to encourage and lead you. If you are feeling called for something MORE please send me an e-mail at LIVING and stop wishing!

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