Home Made Protein Bars

AS you know I like to create things in the kitchen, and making things with fewer ingredients that I KNOW where the ingredients came from is kinda my jam.

I have been wanting to try some sort of protein bar/granola bar especially for this time of year for a quick and easy snack. I've been searching for a while and found one yesterday that seemed to be worth the making! Seeing as we are taking a trip tomorrow to Boston I figured perfect way to keep some healthy snacks for the car ride.

Simple Ingredients!

Finished product! Yum!!

The recipe called for Almond Butter; and did not have the nuts on top; but I know my husband would be more likely to eat it if I added some nuts! I also used all natural Peanut Butter vs the Almond...( I need to make another trip to Costco and stock up!)
**I also used Vanilla, not Strawberry! As I didn't have any!)
Overall I enjoyed the flavor, my son ate one; and I gave one to my husband when he came last night; his words "I like the flavor, even though I don't like PB!, but I"m going to get you Almond Butter!" HA so ladies...I agree that it is man approved!

Here is the recipe: Check it out and let me know what you think!


Happy Weekend!


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