Feeling humbled!

A little over a year ago; I had high hopes for beginning this Beachbody Business. I saw so many individuals reaching certain ranks within a few months and I told myself, if they can, I CAN! So I began my journey, and let me tell you it had its fair share of ups and downs! I would set high goals for myself each month, and if I didn't reach them, I would start all over again and tell myself 3 years down the road THIS WILL BE WORTH IT! 

So I kept plugging away, I think the past few months I had a serious mindshift and somethings really clicked with me. Of course starting your own business is NOT easy by any means, but if you have a drive and passion you can do anything you set your mind too! And that is exactly what I did. The past few months I really, really started focusing on reading personal development. Not just saying Yes, I will do it listen to 5 minutes of it and then get interrupted, so that was that. I really, really focused on making this a priority in my day, and I honestly FEEL the difference. I feel it in my heart and my mind, I see it and feel it in my writing and its very calming and humbling to say the least. 

Last week I hit a HUGE milestone in my business. I became a Diamond Rank...this is a HUGE stepping stone in this business and I feel even more determined to continue to propel forward and achieve not only my goals, but those goals of the individuals on my team. Because if THEY reach their goals, then that fills me up like no other. 

I am SO thankful I let go of my fear and took a leap of FAITH that I truly felt God was pulling me towards in order to do something bigger with my life. 

Building & forming relationships, providing encouragement & support, allowing others to feel ‪#‎empowered‬, to make changes in their health & fitness AND find confidence in themselves again has been one of the greatest blessings I've been given.

I'm beyond grateful for each of these ladies that I have crossed paths with, for all the ladies that have put their trust in me & those who have joined with me to help make the lives of others better.

I'm grateful for ALL of YOU--who support me here...I still get nervous & anxious putting myself out there but encouraging & empowering YOU outweighs it all! So THANK YOU! ❤️


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