Clean eating Fudge pops!

OK, lets be honest! I am trying my hardest not to complain at all, but I am just shy of 34 weeks pregnant and its getting to be WARM around here...don't get me wrong, I LOVE summer time, no shoes, no shirts, no jacket kinda thing is my vibe. But it certainly is becoming a serious struggle with a big ol' belly!

Staying hydrated and filling my belly with whole nutritious foods has been a struggle for me the past few days; to be honest, I just haven't FELT hungry, I just want COLD fudgepops and icecream! However we all know that is not going to give me any more energy, and I need all the energy I can get at the moment! 

So I made this delcious, yet easy fudge pops over the weekend and the little man and I have been devouring them...knowing we are at least getting in our superfoods into us makes all the difference! And seeing as my son hasn't been eating that well lately either (he is hot too! and teething!) it makes me feel better that he is at least getting some vitamins in! 

And they are very easy to make!

Clean Eating Fudge Pops: 

*11/2 scoops of Chocolate or Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
*1 TBS All natural Peanut butter
*1 cup of almond or skim milk
Blend in blender, pour into pop molds and freeze for at least 6 hours before eating. 

And enjoy! You will not be able to eat just one! 
kid approved!



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