As a mom of a busy boy, being able to stream my workouts via Beachbody On Demand has been a life saver! I can workout in whatever room V happens to be playing in and workout alongside him. 
He has watched me workout since he was just a newbie so it's now as much of his daily routine as it is mine; and yes there may be times I have to push pause to change a diaper, or locate a specific toy gone missing, but being home with him is worth at least that much! 

As busy as you might be, establishing a routine that works for you and your family is essential! No more excuses!

Have you established a set routine in your life to take care of you?! Trust me I get it, that usually when you try to wake up early, your kids hear you and wake up, or maybe you have an earlier riser (such as myself!) so sometimes it doesn't matter if you wake up early or not! I choose to workout because it makes me a better person, and when I am happier and more positive then everyone around me is more positive! It gives me energy and just allows me to love my family more than when I don't workout. And that has all come from trial and error!

Now when I workout Vito usually opens his bin of animals and proceeds to check them all out and show them all too me; he will sometimes stop and watch what I am doing and try to do some of the movements, or he might climb inbetween my legs, or on my back depending on certain movements. HA! But all in all its GREAT! He see's me focusing on me and that is what important. That is what I want to share with him, and I tell him that! 

After all HE is the main reason I I can be STRONG for him and his soon to be brother or sister! 

My I'm happy I just got my workout  in face and chances of me showering are slim to none! haha 
And sometimes...we have some vacuuming to do after workouts!


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