Vacation Part 2

OK OK...sorry this took so long!!! I ran out of space in my Dropbox so uploaded pictures was not working for a bit...however its fixed so I can finally share them all with you!!

My cousin still has some of them so be ready for another post with more when she gets them too me! Some days I just totally spaced and left my phone aka camera use only while overseas, but luckily she had hers to pick up the slack!

After our terrible adventure arriving in all seemed to disappear once we got settled, had a nice bowl of broth soup with pastina thanks to my amazing mother-in-law, a nice warm shower and most of all bed! Vito only woke up once in the middle of the night that first night; the rest of the time I think he was too beat to even move a muscle!

from the rooftop 

Nonno Vito and Carlo

More rooftop views..nothing like the smell of fresh clothes! No one has dryers in Italy! 

A very zonked out Vito bello

Pea shucking was Pea season!

checking out the action below

Zio Luca, and cousin Carlotta taking a stroll to get Gelato

playing at the park

fresh strawberries for breakfast!

checking out more of the views from the rooftop

cappuccino...nothing like it! 

lemon tree!

relaxing after a long nap

the freshest and most amazing canoli you will ever find!

all those peas!

It was cool enough on some nights to start the fire and grill some meat for dinner!

Meeting Mr. Zebra at the Zoo

Rainbow blessings

Church bells...they ring several times a day!

Quasano; the church we got married in almost 3 years ago. 

dinner with my bestie; Vito one and Vito two!

saying 'HI" to the neighborhood

people watching

chillin' with Pop's on the one rainy day we had

down by the ocean....wasn't warm enough to swim

Someone really wanted to drive

I think I had one of these from breakfast every day...the famous breakfast pastry!
And there you have it my friends! A glimpse into the Italian way of life! It only rained one day while we were there; It was not warm enough to go swimming unfortunately but most days you could wear just a tee-shirt and it was just a nice breath of fresh air! 

 Truly enjoying all the freedoms in my life that I have designed for my family! 
Stay tuned for more! 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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