Shakeology...what is THAT?!

OK OK, I FINALLY got around to making this video...and I"m sorry for my weird voice and stuffy nose, but I"m still getting over a sinus infection and the evenings for whatever reason are way worse the day time! Ick!

So instead of typing everything out to be a blog post, I just made a video for ya'll!

I hope it answered many of your questions, and if you STILL of questions feel free to message me/email me or feel free to check out the Shakeology Blog Here: Shakeology Blog

Enjoy the video: 

Hope you all are having an awesome week! The weather has been fantastic, I am an Auntie again as of early this morning! Welcome to the world Grace! :) And I've been slowly getting my garden in; life is good!!

Keep it real ya'll ~~~ Positive Vibes! 


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