Outside Workout!

Hey ya'll!

Slowly getting back in the swing of things! I have developed this weird cough/sore throat thing though...and I'm 99.9% sure I developed some sort of plane fungus! Yuck! It is very odd and only hits me in the evening, all night long and in the early morning...then I'll be fine all day and it comes back in the evening again...anyone with any insight would be greatly appreciated!

So with that being said..some of my mornings are slower than other; plus being 27 weeks pregnant (tomorrow!) I forget how much your body slows down! Growing a baby is no easy feat! But getting some cardio and exercise in really helps me get through my day and I don't feel as sore after!

Typically I do a Beachbody workout, or I was running before I left for Italy...Anyhow this morning was rough! I didn't sleep well, so I woke up early because I couldn't sleep and just enjoyed my cup of coffee, took a long hot shower and got to listen to some of my Personal Development before Vito woke up; it was actually really nice! The workout vibe just wasn't around yet...however about 8:30/9 of course all Vito wants to do is go play outside and seeing as it wasn't raining how could I say no?! I made a second decisions that I was going to run hill sprints up my driveway while he was playing, so I threw on my sports bra, and sneakers, got him dressed and out we went.

I got him busy in the sand box..which was really mostly mud at this point but it was warm enough what boy doesn't like dirt?!

I did 8 sets of hill sprints..it took me about 25 seconds to get up to the top each time and then I jogged down...cutest thing ever...because V would see me running up and he goes "bye!! Bye!!" The last few he joined me and ran a little ways up the driveway...so much love for that boy!

I actually felt really great and glad I did it; it certainly isn't the same as running a nice 2 or 3 miles but hey I'll take it! I then did this quick routine outside while he was still playing:
*25 squats
*25 lunges each leg
*25 wall (or house) pushups
*25 sumo squats

Repeat twice through!
As for the running either take a 20 minute walk, attempt the sprints on flat ground (20-30 sec of harder running/jogging, and up too 60 seconds of rest) or go for a nice 20 minute jog...nothing too crazy! Your body and baby will seriously thank you!

Even if you are not pregnant and looking to get back into the swing of things; this is a great workout for everyone!

Let me know how it goes!

Positive vibes my friends! <3


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