It is not just another fad...

So it's all over the Internet, it is all over social media, the late night info-mercials if TV is your jam; there are a million and one different ways to get healthy, lose weight, fir back in those jeans etc, etc.
And I get it, it's annoying and knowing what works and what doesn't. So the 21 Day Fix just seems to fit right in with the rest, like 21 Days and then what right?!

Well the past few weeks I've gotten some Facebook comments, and messages that I should stop promoting fad diets, it's a joke and they want nothing to do with it. Well OK, that's fine! If you want nothing to do with it that is totally fine with me, but please, please get your facts straight before you start saying what it is or isn't. 

If you google it, I'm more than positive you will get a million and one hits on it, and it honestly it has helped changed thousands of lives, including mine! The thing about it is, despite the name, 21 Day Fix, it teaches you how to eat and be healthy for a lifetime. It is not a quick fix, it is not a pill, it is not a wrap. No you won't lose 5lbs overnight, or get 6 pack abs in a day or two. You will need to work hard, sweat it out, and really tune in too what and how you fuel your body with whole food nutrition. It will teach you exactly how many portions of what food group you need to fuel YOUR body...not anyone else's, YOURS. It will tell you, you are what you eat, that you can't outwork a bad diet. If you aren't fueling your body; your body will suffer. Period. And the more you mistreat it, the longer it's going to take to feel better. 

Amazingly enough, as you progress through this plan you start to realize the effect of nutrition on your body and how amazing it makes you feel. When combined with 30 minute exercises, you begin too feel empowered and seriously want to share it with the world. I invested in the 21 Day Fix over a year ago, and guess what, I'm STILL putting it into action today! Not only for me but my family also!

So if you end up choosing the 21 Day Fix to support your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be this is what you will get:

  • a nutrition guide that shows you What and how much of each food group to eat daily. 
  •  color coded containers for each food group and seriously before you know it, you will be able to eyeball it! (Again, lifestyle change here people!) 
  • you will also get doable 30 minute workouts that can be done in your home. 
  • A month supply Shakeology in your choice of flavor (again this is a SUPPLEMENT to your whole food diet) {More on this in another post!}
It's is the complete package! A well rounded program that supports you in all areas of your health and I it has changed my life, and I can't not share it will all of you!

And if still don't believe me...that is OK! Do some research! Ask me more questions, but please, don't say something you can't back up!

Hope you all had a great weekend with the ones you love!

Positive Vibes~~~


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