Home-made Ice Cream!!

Victory is choosing something ‪#‎healthy‬, over something not beneficial right?!! ...and do I have something yummy for you! 
It's warm out and I love it! But I'm also super pregnant and just want COLD things! like beer and ice cream and cold watermelon all day long...any other Momma's out there have tips for staying cool during the summer months while 7 months pregnant?! 
So instead of hitting up the Ben&Jerry's, I made this Chunky Monkey Ice Cream!
3 frozen bananas
3 TBS natural PB
3 Tsp dark chocolate 

Blend in a blender or food processor and sprinkle some sliced almonds on top! 
And it is SO good! I ate half and my husband just devoured the rest as he came home from work...so I have to say it was a win-win...I'll be buying extra banana's at the store this week to pop into the freezer for this one! 


After! So good!!


A few of my favorite things

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