Cheesy Enchilada Bake

I made this last week, for a little change up in the menu; and I figured crock pot..easiest meals ever right? Plus I enjoy all the leftovers! Seeing as I was not feeling well either, due to a terrible sinus infection, the less meal making I had to make for Vito the better. I legit have had very limited energy, being 28 weeks pregnant and having a 15 month old who only wants to play outside in this warm weather..well that can make it hard!

Anyhow: This is how mine turned out...I used Barley instead because that is what I had on hand...if I don' t have to get groceries I won't! Trust me! I am very efficient in this matter ask my husband! lol
But I think it tasted great! And Vito devoured his! I may put a little less chili powder in it next time..I think it was a bit hot for Vito and seeing as I couldn't really taste much or anything I did a poor job judging that! He ate it none the less!

Also for leftovers to mix things up, I took two corn tortilla's, put the bake inside of it with some cheese and made a quesadilla for Vito...he absolutely loved it! So all around it was a win win!

Go ahead and try it! You gotta!

Here is the recipe:

Anyone else battling a sinus infection this time of year?! And pregnant?! HAHA


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