A year ago this was my dream...

One year ago this is what I was dreaming of...a job that would allow me to spend my morning hours with my family...enjoying a cup of coffee and getting a family workout in, or whatever else we wanted!

Being a teacher meant leaving early in the morning; and before even stepping out the door, I felt the stress of getting zero time with my husband and limited hours with my son...it just was not cutting it. I knew something had to change...
Don't get me wrong---I love teaching and still feel very passionate about it, however; being home with my son and baby too be is where God wants me right now.
Today I am able to LIVE that dream; I am enjoying my cup of coffee, spending more hours with my husband and I don't have to leave my son for endless hours a day. Not only that, I am able to contribute to our finances without leaving the burden on my husband's shoulders.
If any of this resonates with you; and you feel God is calling you to pursue a career where you can put your family first...please reach out! It has become so dear to my heart and I can't not share it with others!

There IS another way!

If you are at all interested in this opportunity; whether it be as a hobby to make extra income or to make it your full time job; please don't hesitate to email me!


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