Super cup runneth over...

Each quarter the company I work with holds these large events called Super Saturdays or maybe they happen on Sunday, but its all in the same weekend regardless. You get to meet up with other coaches, customers, listen to motivational speeches and listen to a call from Beachbody Corporate, where this is only streamed at the super Saturday event.  There have been about 3 since I partnered with Beachbody but none have been held in this area and I always felt disappointed, but was like meh whatever, it can't be that awesome. HA!

Well this quarter I found one that was located in a the next town over from where I live and I literally did a happy dance when I found out last week. I had NO idea what to expect and knew it would be small compared to larger cities, but I didn't care! I had my mom watch the boy for me and I went for it. It was small and held in someone's house so we did not have a large workout event. We were just able to talk and share our stories, discuss business strategies, what has worked for us and what had not etc. I could not help the how humbled I felt to meet those fellow coaches. 
Hearing their stories, why they choose to coach and what keeps them going. This company has TRULY changed the lives of SO many; whether it was losing 250lbs, or 10!, gaining a better perspective of healthy living or seeing the business potential and earning income to support your family in moments of crisis. 
Listening to everyone, I could not help but be smiling inside the entire time; even listening to the call from Corporate and Carl Diekler. This company THRIVES on the SUCCESS OF OTHERS. If OTHERS are not succeeding; then they have not done their part. Carl mentioned that they will ONLY promote programs, calls, business opportunities etc if they are helping others succeed. Becoming the BEST version of YOU is non-negotiable; and the ONE goal is to become stronger every day. 
And this really got me thinking on the way home. We are all put here on this earth to serve others in some way or another. No question about it. I have never felt MORE content with this 'job' if you want to call it that! I truly feel THIS is my calling in life...being able to empower and encourage others in this aspect has become my LIFE. It has given me LIFE; therefore I can now GIVE life to others.  

I feel so blessed and honored, I'm thankful I did not let fear stop me, I'm thankful I let the Lord guide me on this journey, as he ALWAYS knows best!


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