SUGAR its addicting and SO bad for you!

SUGAR...the dreaded SUGAR. Its BAD, SO bad, you shouldn't eat it or drink it our consume it right?! But WHY??!! Because it is SO good right?!

I didn't even buy chocolate for Easter; seeing as my son is only 14 months old I figured he doesn't need candy! I don't like to feed him any sugar and really make sure the foods he eat or whole foods, not processed and most certainly do not have High Fructose Corn Syrup in it! That stuff is bad!! 
I personally eat clean 80-90% of the time and choose whole fresh foods over boxed process stuff. My family raises our own beef, chicken and pork (I'm really not a big pork eater but sometimes ham or bacon is needed!) So I like knowing WHERE my food came from! Local is always a focus, as well as organic or foods that are labeled with No GMO's...just because you HAVE to be picky in today's world. 
They do not make it easy for us and adding in toxins or chemicals or growth hormones seems like the norm these days. There are ways to get around it, you just have to be conscious of it! Anyhow, back to SUGAR.

So even though I didn't buy candy for Easter (trust me I love chocolate..and I eat only dark chocolate) I ended up eating WAY TO MUCH of it! My brother in law bought a HUGE box of the Freggio chocolates, and I so nicely ate about 5 of them; on top of some of the chocolate eggs my nephews were so kindly sharing with me. And then there was the piece of Maple Cream Pie my mom made sure to save me, oh and then those chocolate covered oreos?! Who even came up with that anyhow?!

But Sugar, yeah it tastes darn good but its addicting and once you start you crave it like no other. Which is probably why the sugar industry is really good about sneaking in their product in things it SHOULD NOT be in! Here is a list of other names that the sugar industry tries to cover up, I mean if you can't pronounce who says its sugar right?! WRONG!

And of course Sugar in the natural form, such as Maple Syrup or Stevia or a little honey is absolutley fine in moderation! When I bake I typically do not use granulated sugar, I use maple syrup in its place and let me tell you; the product is usually that much better and knowing that I am putting an all natural sweetener in me makes it that much more enjoyable! 

And here is an article I found very interesting about what sugar actually does to your body! So think again before you down that Coke, or eat those chocolate covered oreos! Ahhh

If anyone is struggling with knowing What to eat, I have a FREE Clean Eating Challenge via Facebook starting on Monday April 4th, Click here if you are interested:

You will receive a 5 day meal plan, grocery list, recipes and much more! Lets kick this sugar habit together!! 

Lets do this thang! 


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