Some days just deal with it.

Last week my runs were feeling FANTASIC; I was experiencing no back pain during or after and life just felt good. My brain felt amazing and running just does something to it that is irreplaceable. Don't get me wrong I love training in other ways too; strength, yoga, pilates, PiYo, group classes sometimes etc, but I just function better when I run. My days are better, my mind is better, I am just overall a BETTER person.

And isn't that what we all strive for when living a healthy lifestyle?! To be the BEST that we can be! Not only for ourselves, but for our families, our children, our jobs, humanity as a whole! haha. But seriously; its just better for the world. If everyone workout out or ran for instance, just THINK of the possibilities of the positive vibes that would be sent out into our world?! I totally think we need that!

But...back to terms with the headliner of this post...because 'suck' is by no means a positive vibe...Well let me finish..on Sunday Morning, the sun was shining bright, my husband was no working, yes it was Easter, but I told him I'm going for a run! Feed the boy and I"ll be back in 30! I ran THREE MILES! THREE!! I haven't run 3 miles in MONTHS and it was all pain-free, during and after. I even wore wedges to church and my back wasn't hurting! Yay!

So I did my cross training on Monday morning, and had to drive an hour to an all day conference for work (Hmm...maybe it was from sitting in the car?! This is just dawning on me!) Anyhow, I ran this afternoon and YUCK. It was terrible. My knee was sore, so I ran slower. As soon as I hit 2 miles I told myself don't push it just take it easy today so I did. I walked a 5 minute cool down and my back starting pinching immediately. Insert SUCK. I told myself I will stretch out and it will be fine, just a little tight no big deal. Well...I stretched it out many many many times the rest of afternoon and nothing was working.

And to get too my point, as runners we all know some days just suck. Some days you feel like you are a feather floating the wind pounding out all these amazing miles and the next day running a few feet is enough to put you in a crabby mood. But Isn't that LIFE?! There are ups and downs and days you feel like you don't go anywhere. However if you keep going, if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other; guess WILL eventually go up again! And even further than before! So NEVER.EVER.EVER.GIVE UP. PERIOD.
Even if your day before was extravagant and today was sucky; and tomorrow may only be mediocre, but if you stop you might not get too experience another extravagant, amazing day. One where you feel like you are on top of the world. so if today sucked for you, whether it be in running, cross-fit, walking, your job, something with your kids, whatever it may be; don't base your tomorrow on today!

Let's keep shooting for the top of the moon! You never know; one day when you least expect it you may just happen to land there! :)


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