Running...and running while pregnant


If you look up the definition of running this is what it says:

to move with your legs at a speed that is faster than walking. : to leave a place quickly by running. : to run as part of a sport, for exercise, or in a race.
And my favorite definition, b) to go without restraint: move freely about at will. 

Running is to go without restraint, to move! Right?! Running is just that!! To move and breathe and just RUN. I love that!

During my first pregnancy, I found out the day after I had finished a half marathon. I told myself, I am going to run as long and as far as I can until it just doesn't feel good anymore. I went slow much of the time, I did some races, and by the end I was 'wogging' and stopped around 35 weeks pregnant. A) because it just felt exhausting and B) because it was the middle of winter and icy and just crappy out and I had no access to a treadmill.

Fast-forward, I ran ONE race post-partum with Vito when he was about 8 months old, a 10K. My longest run had been about 5 miles. I ran about 3 times a week, 4 if I really pushed myself. The rest of the time I would just do cross training.

When I was 10 months Post-partum, I found I was pregnant again, running had kinda taken a hiatus because we were moving and it started getting colder. I ran maybe a total of 5 times during the month of December-February. I then started having a lot of pain in my lower back to the point were walking was hurting. I didn't start actually putting running back onto my workout schedule until the 2nd week of March. I  was beyond excited and just ready to get back to pounding the pavement pregnant or not!

Well the past month has been a serious eye opener for me. My back is a hit or a miss when I run. It normally does not hurt during, but it will after. And I honestly think it is the way the baby is sitting/laying in my uterus. It sometimes pinches my nerve and just is the MOST annoying thing EVER. And I have to remind myself that I AM GROWING A BABY!
And some days will suck and some days will be fabulous.

I spent much of the last couple weeks comparing myself to my first pregnancy, and other other pregnant women who ran 20-30 miles a week (Im lucky if I get 6-8!) and I just started getting really bummed and down on myself. Which is why I didn't run the past 3 days! I felt like a faluire.

But Seriously, running is running, and running while pregnant is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT ball game. Running while pregnant and being a stay at home mom to a 14 month old/being an entrepreneur is a totally different ball game. Every pregnancy is different, I now am chasing a little one all day. So you know what, no this pregnancy I will not be logging 500 miles with baby in tow. It just isn't going to happen.

If I get to run 6 miles for the week, guess what that is FABULOUS! Because if we go back to that definition of running; to go without purpose of running is to go without restraint, I don't want to run and then be angry I couldn't have ran farther or faster. I want to finish my run weather it be 1 mile or 3 and say yup, my brain is better, my body is better, I AM BETTER because of that; now lets go on my way.

Before I make this post a chapter story, the point I'm trying to make is we all go through different walks in life. If running is your jam, there are going to points during your running life that you feel less than adequate. Don't let that NOW runner be hung up on the PAST runner. If you are giving your best effort in that day; then that is the best you can do!

Listen to your BODY! Your BODY LOVES YOU SO MUCH. IF you listen too it and treat it with respect; it will give you that much more!

So maybe I"ll run tomorrow, maybe I won't. If my body says go, I will go. If it says meh, do some yoga today; I will do some yoga today. Because right now, my WALK in life is growing babies. And in order to make running and growing babies work together, there has to be a balance!

Happy Running Momma's!

Anyone else running through their pregnancy?!
I'd love to hear your strategies!


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