Non-negotiables in life

We all have non-negotiable's in life.
Especially if you are a mother.
There are diapers to be changed, messes to clean, meals to cook, boo-boo's to be kissed, and laundry, oh the laundry!

So where the heck do we Mothers fit in time for US, time to workout, time to put us first and make ourselves feel healthy, strong and in turn allow us to give more love.

Well to be honest, that is where YOU come in. YOU have to make a choice. YOU have to decide you deserve to take enough time during the week, either 2 or 3 hours where consequently YOU are the priority! Whether that be going for a run, going to the gym or doing a workout from home, or maybe its attending a yoga class! Ultimately YOU decide if that will happen or not.

YOU have to believe your mind, body, soul and heart are valuable enough to take that time. (In retrospect a 30 minute workout is only 2% of your day!). After that mental leap you have to realize that the minor complaints from your body and mind as you get into a rhythm are MINOR compared to the benefits you will reap.

So Momma's TRUST ME ON THIS. YOU DESERVE to take those 30 minutes a day for YOU. YOU deserve to put yourself first in order to feel your best. Because all those non-negotiable's we have, can tend to suck the life right out us not leaving room for much else.

But if we are taking care of US, putting US first than our heart is that much more capable of dealing with all those non-negotiable's in life.

Besides...those eyes are always watching; and if they see us taking care of US, chances are they are going to do the same thing!

So keep at it Momma's: take that time for YOU.

If you feel you are needing some support and motivation I have 3 open slots in my April Wellness group starting the 11th. If you have decided that YOU are worth it, come join us!
30 days from now you will be SO glad you did!!!!

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