Learning to listen...

This second pregnancy has been quite a journey for me. Not only am I another year older, but I also have a very active 14 month old to care for! Whom I care for 90% of the time! Not that I am complaining AT ALL, I wouldn't trade it for the world, but the further along I get into this pregnancy, the easier it is for me to be completely pooped by the time dinner rolls around!
Spring is finally beginning to show it's signs up here in the North East, so the past two days have been in the upper 50's with nothing but blue sky and sunshine baby...PERFECT running weather right?!
GAH I SO want to be out there pounding the pavement and I have given it the best of my abilities the last month or so; but honestly, this whole nerve thing in my back, along with carrying a baby, and the every day toils of motherhood; this last week was a total wash. I thought about running every morning, but the week before the aftermath of my back was just not enjoyable at all.
The actual physical and mental part of RUNNING feels freaken fantastic (except for some mild pelvic pain) but once I am done that nerve in my back starts to pinch, and it WILL NOT stop for any reason at all!

I put up with it for a while hoping it would just not show up one day, but to no avail. I have been seeing a chiropractor for over a month now which has helped the pain immensely during my every day tasks. However after a run for some reason it just doesn't feel good! And trust me I am NOT one too complain. I ran on an injured ankle for weeks, before I had to stop and call my mother in tears to come pick me up because I couldn't even walk on it anymore, not the best choice and I highly don't recommend it!

SO a few days ago I had a discussion with myself and I said OK; I AM 24 weeks pregnant, YES I ran until I was 35 Weeks with my now 14 month old, but every pregnancy is different, my body is changing and I HAVE to accept that. Like it or not! I feel that if I stop running I failed, but I know that really is not the case, I am still very active, and walk every day that the weather permits. This is also teaching me to listen to my BODY, more than my brain at times. I have been doing PiYo for the past month although, and have really enjoyed the low impact workout and stretching it has given my body.

For now, this is where I'm at! Low impact walking, PiYo, and yoga mixed with some light weight training a few times a week. Am I a failure?! No, no not at all, I'm choosing to 'tune in', and slowing down a bit as my body is housing a growing baby!

Anyone else struggle with listening to their body?!

Any other mother runners out there have the same struggle during some of their pregnancies?!

Please tell me its not that hard to get back at it after!

Positive Vibes ya'll~~~Happy WEekend!

oh running...this was only last week and I miss you! 


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