I'm Back, I'm back, I'm back!!

I'm back I'm back I'm back!!
We had a very fun time, our flights were terrible and getting there took an extra day...being 6 months pregnant and having a 14 month old certainly took a toll on my body with minimal sleep but it was all worth it! (More on my trip to come this weekend!) 
I did a lot of walking, drank a ton of water, ate lots of fresh bread, indulged in fresh pastries and gelato.
I don't feel guilty about any of it either! Because life is all about the balance! And I think I balanced quite well!!
But I'm ready to get back to a routine and working out daily! And I'm gonna need your help!! 😳
Memorial Day is coming and that means shorts and tanks! My new Bootcamp will be starting in 2 weeks, if you want simple workouts and easy nutrition to feel your best for the warmer months message me! Let's do this together!

**More to come about my trip in detail this weekend when I catch up with everything! It seriously is too insane not too share!**

just a little preview of whats to come...


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