I'm ALIVE!! I swear!!

Oh my WORD!!

Where has the week gone?! or should I say weeks!!

I"m so sorry I have been MIA...this week was full of appointments, running errands and packing, doing laundry and googling "How to keep your one year old entertained on a plan for 7 hours.."

We are leaving to go back over seas, to Italy, my husbands hometown on Sunday and I seriously have just been so pre-occupied with everything! Last night I told myself I HAVE to get on here, and obviously that never happened but I"m HERE! :)

So who's got tips for this 23 week pregnant Momma with a 14 month old in tow....our flight is 14 hours in total; the longest stretch being 7 hours...I really, really am hoping/praying that he will just sleep! Please sleep young one! I had not planned on buying any kind of sleeping stuff for him because I hardly give him Motrin for that matter. However, I called my Pediatrician yesterday and was like HELP! I'm freaking out!!
So I got him so Kids Dramamine, JUST IN CASE! Our first flight is in the evening so I hope that he will just sleep. And with the time change of 6 hours and whatnot I have no idea what his little body is going to do!

I've got snack baggies to make up tomorrow, and I've got knick-knacks and silly putty, a drawing book, and a few new tiny board books for him too look at. I've got diapers and wipes, baggies and hand santizer! And there is no room left in my backpack for my stuff! So I guess I"ll have to go without!

Have any of you flown overseas with young kiddos?!

What is there to know/do/not do?!

Any help would be much apprecieated it!

Which brings me to my next point...I will be out of country for 10 days...WiFi is not really available in Italy; so I most likely will not be on here posting pictures!
However, I will try to post some on my IG account; so follow me @kaitlinspano if you want too see some olive trees, rooftops and AH-MAZING FOOD pictures! :)

Keep it real and keep those vibes flowin~~

(On a side note...my running this week...just hasn't happened..this back thing is TOTALLY cramping my style and I"m refusing to talk about it right now because its making me super annoyed and angry!)


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