And we're off! Ciao!

Let the fun begin!!

We are PACKED, and I don't want to open those suitcases again until we get there! Between the number of times I've unpacked, and re-packed, and re-organized I'm seriously so over it! lol.

I'm ready for the fun begin and don't even care anymore about the 14 hour flight; because it is what it is, and whats gonna happen will happen!

Hope to get a few pictutes up daily over on my Instagram so make sure you follow me @kaitlinspano, while I'm gone! If not be prepared for picture overload when we return!

SO SO thankful we have the opportunity to take trips like this; I have no boss to report too, no loss of vacation days and our trip is paid in full! I love this life! To think that I took a chance, jumped out of my comfort zone 14 months  ago! I now can work from home, raise my babies AND we can travel back and forth to questions asked!

Ciao! xo


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