Why I choose to Partner with a MLM

I made this quick video for ya'll as too why I choose to partner with Team Beachbody.

I think for many it gets a bad rap because it is quickly thrown out there that it is a MLM design, and Network Marketing, which is a scam right?!

Well, after much research it is NOT a scam! Trust me I WAS THERE! I felt the same exact way, but in this day of age in 2016, wowzers, there is a HUGE percentage of individuals who choose to run businesses via Network Marketing, its kinda just one of those things ya know?

So I hope you take a few minutes to head on over here and listen....


It is something that has completely changed my life, from my fitness level, to my eating habits, to my spiritual self. I have gained confidence in myself that I NEVER had before. I am happier, I feel more capable of doing things out of my comfort zone, and my number one REASON for entering into this world...is the fact that I can stay home with my son AND make a full time income. I'm creating freedoms for my family, that so many of us want, but aren't willing to put in the work for!

So before you judge, or tell yourself you can't make it work,  take a listen!

All I have to say is WHY NOT YOU??!!!


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