OH my what a crazy week!


I am back! I'm sorry I've been MIA lately; I don't even know where or what happened to be honest!
The weekend was busy, as always, and I had something going on everyday which interrupted my son's nap time; and when he doesn't nap, Momma doesn't get a change to blog always! The past few days were also busy with doctor appointments, busy meetings at my part time job and lots o' paperwork! Vito developed a cough/cold on Sunday evening so he has been all out of sorts, and again, not napping! Poor little guy!

I've been putting the oils in the diffuse, and in his bath water and rubbing them on his feet so that has helped his congestion a lot. He,(thankfully!) enjoys drinking de-caffeinated green tea or ginger tea which also helps along with honey! All natural remedies is the way to go in my world...Although I have given him some Motrin in the PM, just because he is also cutting some gigantic molars!

Anyhow, I have no pictures to share with you today either...maybe I can scrounge some up from the weekend....

My main point of this post was to say that as stay at home mom, there are days you legit want to run for the hills. You want to run so far away not looking back. Today was one of those days!  I wasn't able to run early because it was icy out; so my husband left for work and seeing as Vito is not well I figured a run out in the cold and snow would not be the best idea for him. I packed him up and went up the street to my Mom's to use her treadmill. Well...it is upstairs, after blocking off the stairs and giving Vito some things to play with I started the treadmill and was like OK lets do this!
Of course, naturally Vito wants to try to climb on with Momma; and after the first few minutes of me telling him to go play with the dog he lost interest in me. Luckily there was a bureau full of my little brothers watches, and random 'stuff' within reach that I would throw at him to play with if he came too close. AFter the 5th time of me stopping, I lost count, but I made it 2.5 miles and felt damn good!

Of course a little more stressfull than I like for my runs, but hey you can't win them all! Today was just episode after episode, of crying, and destroying, and containers of oatmeal all over the wall, baskets of needing to be folded laundry spread throughout the house as someone tries to put everything over their head these days, to spaghetti squash being thrown from one end of the kitchen to the other.

Bath time was just as eventful. I ran to his room to throw his dirty diaper in the pail and when I got back 5 seconds later he was draining the water and manged to grab the toilet brush which he was so nicely scrubbing the tub with...OI VEY. To which I attempted to fill his humidifier for him right before putting him too bed; how he managed to sneak into the corner and spill it all over the carpet is beyond me.

But of course despite all of these happenings he still managed to give me a hug and a slobbery kiss to let me know all is right in the world. And it got me thinking; I am SO SO thankful to be home with him as exhausting as it is. I am SO SO thankful to live the healthy lifestyle that I do, because if I did not make myself a priority, I would not be able to deal with the life happenings of a toddler (and the 20 week old child inside of me!)
I am thankful I can teach my son healthy ways of living, from him seeing me workout/run to the healthy food we eat, to the love he is given everyday. It's those moments that really do make a big difference and make you realize you need to find joy in the journey. Joy in the fact that as Mom's we do the best that we can do! And if we are putting ourselves first, it will only teach our children that, that is the best way to live. Healthy and fulfilling lives!

So don't ever sell yourself short Momma's! I know the days may be long, and the mess may always be there, but that can wait. The important part is that you take care of YOU, so that the YOU can take care of your littles!

Mom vibes all the way~~~~

Happy Wednesday ya'll!
This, This is my life...These are the men that make me strive to be better today than I was yesterday...


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