Oh let the running begin!!!!!


As you all know I've been dealing with some back issues, and pregnancy with my second and it was winter up here in VT so running is challenging in the winter; especially when you have a 13month old and no space for a treadmill, your only option is wide outdoors!

So I focused on my indoor workouts and got in good walks when I was able. I finally went to a chiropractor for my back (why I wanted so long---->see my post Back to Health for more details!)
and life was good again, my pain was back to a 0 and I patiently waited a week before pounding the pavement again! So today I had my alarm set for 5am, I have my part time job on Tuesdays so I wanted to run before. However with the time change it was PITCH black and I no longer live where there are street lights; so I took some personal quiet time with a cup of coffee and my journal instead.

Anyhow, when I came home from work today at noon, my husband was sleeping on the couch and the baby was napping so I was like OK, I'm going for my run NOW, no excuses! Running in the afternoon is so not my thing but it was on my plan and all my ladies in my group were holding me accountable.

I strapped on my back/belly support, laced up my Mizunos, pulled on my baseball cap and up the drive I went...the first 5 minutes were a bit rough and I thought to myself, oh shit, this is way harder coming back than I anticipated, but I just kept plugging along. My body slowly and quickly getting back into the rhythm of running; something my body has known SO well in the past.  And surprisingly something that came back much quicker than I thought. As my Strava App on my phone blinked the 1.0MILE I secretly screamed and couldn't help but add a little hop into my stride; it just felt SO right and I was no longer huffing and puffing.

Seeing as my last logged run in STrava was February 10th; and the trouble with my back I told myself start slow, 2 miles, 3x a week for 2weeks to start thats it. No more, even if I was feeling great! So I turned around and made the journey back to my house. About 300 yards from my driveway my back started to feel a little pressure and I thought SHIT! NO! seeing as I had made it 2.0miles at that point I slowed down and walked a nice cooldown before returning home. I stretched after and my back has felt a bit tight, but honestly, NOTHING like it was before. NOTHING.

So here is to running. Here is to taking care of my health and being extremely humbled by the fact that I am pregnant and just running for the sake of running and how great it feels. No I am no longer running 8 or 7 minute miles, running 4 miles like nothing; but that is OK.
This is my season; I'm growing babies, and if I can only run 2 miles a day until I birth this baby number 2, well than so be it! 2 miles a day is better than 0.

Happy Momma makes for a happy family!

No matter how many times you may have tried, or how many times you may have quit, or the number of times you failed, the important part is if you KEEP TRYING. That's all that matters.

Don't give up my friends,
I have faith in you. Do what makes your heart sing.

Just me, my mizunos and baby number 2! 


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