It has been quite the journey!

Today I was thinking where the past year has taken me and it has been one of the most incredible years of my life; and not too sound all sentimental and sappy, but it honestly has been a wild year and I really have to pinch myself!

Over the past year I had a baby, left my full time job, became an entrapenuer starting my own online fitness business, we moved out of the city, back to the country, I am pregnant again, and I am now someone that is present and posts on social media daily! AHHHHH as my son would say! HA!

Seriously, for those of you who know me well I didn't even HAVE an iPhone until about a year and a half ago,(I still had one of those sweet sliding keyboard phones) and posting on social media platforms was NOT my thing! I despised it to be honest. I was into reading running and fitness blogs, but I had no idea what Instagram was and my facebook activity was NIL. I used to go through and delete friends actually on a monthly basis and I would NEVER accept anyone unless I thought they wanted more than to just stalk me...which was clearly boring because I posted about 2x a year if that. 

After I had my son I posted a picture of him, and I had SO many people message me saying 'OH MY GOSH! We didn't even know you were expecting!" kinda yeah you get my drift. 

Anyhow after I had my son I decided to search different avenues, ways that I could make money for my family and be able to stay home with my son. I ended up finding Beachbody and it has given me just that...however the most challenging part was the fact that I had to post on social media...a HUGE fear of mine. Clearly it was something I overcame because I wanted the freedom to stay home more than anything, and I am doing JUST THAT. Funny where life can take you, and the things you are willing to endure for your family!

About a month ago I applied to be a ForTwoFitness Ambassador, (their maternity clothing line is fantastic FYI, if you haven't checked them out, get over there NOW! Use the code POSITIVEVIBE to receive a discount!) and I was accepted! This is still totally new for me and the fact that I am here writing this to all of you on my BLOG none the less just blows me away. 

I just recently applied to be a FitFluential Ambassador also and was just accepted! Geee! I feel like a kid in a candy store! The most exciting part is that my presence on social media is just me and my life. It is nothing special or high class. My family and I live a very frugal life (until I become a millionaire Ha! seriously one day!) in the country with cows and dirt roads. Like there is nothing special about that I don't think, but being able to SHARE my journey and help other women and mothers realize that they too can live a healthy lifestyle has become one of my biggest passions. 

I truly have loved every second of it; from the beginning selfies on FB, to the long posts on here of why I am doing what I am doing, all the typo's and failing fowarding, its just been such a journey. 

Life is a gift. It really is. And the fact that I can now LIVE it MY WAY, on MY TIME, is something I never dreamed possible. 

Dream big guys, Dream big. If you want something bad enough. It is yours for the taking. 

A huge thank you to all of you who support me and my journey! I would not be here today without you! xoxo SO MUCH LOVE! 

A HUGE thank you from this hot mess momma! I love you all! 


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