Hammer & Chisel COMPLETE!

OK OK; I have to say I was super excited to get my workout in this morning because it was MY LAST day with Hammer & Chisel!!!! I completed the entire program while pregnant (I"m still pregnant actually, FYI) and I DID IT!!! All eight weeks of it!! I didn't miss ONE workout. I subbed out a workout one day, and did one of the prenatal workouts on BOD just because I was feeling something a bit slower for that day. I have to say I am just super proud of myself.
Eight weeks can be a L-O-N-G time, especially when you start out lifting heavier weights and then proceed to go lower because of your progressing pregnancy.

It was slightly odd but so many of those moves still burned like no tomorrow. My back/shoulders and arms have gained some serious strength and muscle and flexing in the mirror is enjoyable! I am not sure I've ever had such awesome muscle tone in my arms...(except for high-school because I was working on the farm, and college because I did use the weight room a few times a week).

Anyhow, I also am excited to be done it because I want to get back into running more and focus on more non-impact workouts. I highly enjoy lifting weights, and probably always will but being pregnant makes it a bit more challenging and only having one day of rest per week, left me feeling kinda sore! But I do think much of that was attributed to being pregnant and all...none-the-less I got s**t done and did it every day!!! That enough is cause to celebrate!

I of course I am so annoyed with myself, accidentally somehow managed to delete my before pictures! ARG!! I was running out of room in my DropBox, and you know how sometimes you are deleting some pictures quickly; and it deletes the next one because the computer is still trying to catch up?! Well yup, that happened! Of course I just look like I gained a belly anyhow, but I still wanted pictures as proof and I'm more than certain my back and arms changed!

Any changed on me being able to recover those files?! Waaahhhh

Overall, Hammer and Chisel is a great program, it certainly will get you 'chiseled' if you follow the plan, and fuel your body with goodness. The fact that I could feel/see a difference in certain areas of my body while pregnant...just imagine what can happen when you aren't pregnant??!!  Right?!! Oh the possibilities!!

This is my "I am so darn exited' face adn that would be my sweet arm/shoulder muscle that appeared with H&C
So don't short change yourself people. If you set your mindset to something, just DO IT. Follow through with it no matter what. A healthy lifestyle is not easy, it takes dedication, hard work and perservence. There will be days you want to give up. There will be days where you eat junk and then feel like poop, there will be times when others might make fun of you, or tempt you.
But.....the fact of the matter is; if you really want something, YOU, YOU are the only one who can make that change!!!

Happy Weekend ya'll!!!

Anyone up for PiYo next??!!! I need all the support I can get!!!


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