Growing in more ways than one!

Happy Friday Everyone! 
With Spring coming; and shortly thereafter Summer; everyone is thinking BEACH and BATHING SUITS! AHHHHHH The dreaded suit right?! Well bathing suit season has a whole new meaning for me this year; instead of sporting some abs I'll be sporting my growing belly! And I'm totally Okay with it; I've come far this past year in the realm of physical appearance and happiness! I used to be so concerned with how I would look in a suit, who was going to judge me, and oh gosh I should be thinner here and my thighs look huge etc, etc...girls..we ARE our own worst critic!😍😜and I'm totally OK with it! 👌🏼

This past year has been such an incredible journey though! I've learned how to fuel my body and truly feel confident in my own skin! Something that has taken me a very long time to achieve but the journey was well worth it! I finally understand the concept of HEALTHY and FIT. I understand the balance of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and how amazing and wonderful it is when you just go with it and finally find that balance. You feel better on the inside and the outside. No one should ever feel less than adequate in their own skin. EVER. 

Our bodies are amazing and capable of SO much! They grow babies, they run marathons, they play intense sports, they survive sicknesses, depressions, abuse, and a variety of other things. It is only fair we treat our bodies with respect and give them the fuel and physical fitness they deserve. Once you figure out how to fuel your soul, mind and physical being all through eating your best, sweating and taking time for YOU, the changes are beyond anything I have enough words for. 
The results really are worth all the struggles, failures, and tears.

SO, in honor of Spring right around the corner, and me wanting to HELP YOU feel and find your very best I'd love for you to come join our April Wellness Group! If you feel ready to make some changes to your lifestyle, and want to feel your very best inside I will coach, guide and support you along the way.

No matter where you are on this path of life, come earn how to love yourself all over again! It is never to late to start a new beginning! 
Sportin' the baby bump!

Leave your email below or send me one and I'll give you details!
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