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Okay Ya'll...I just have to say this is my 3rd week back on the running train and it feels absolutely AH-MAZING. For any of you runners out there; not running, or when you become sidelined with injury its like torture. Running starts to overtake your brain a wierd way and its all you can think about! Well even if you aren't injured, if you're crazy enough you think about it all day too...HA!

But you get my drift; so even if you can run 1 or 2 miles, its like the best thing in the damn world. I feel like part of my brain just goes into that area of 'zen' and I always think of things that seem like all the worlds best Ah-Ha moments. Well not always but you know what I mean! I always can put things into perspective and all my creative juices just get flowing! And if it is something you haven't had in a while; you become even more appreciative!

Anyhow on top of the running, which was a bit hard this week; due to more snow/ice and my son having a nasty cold and cough; I did't want to bring him out in the damp cold so that left me to our own devices with the treadmill...which is at my mothers house because we don't have the room for it here at the moment. And lets just say conditions are not ideal! But we make them work always! ;)

This is me making it work.... #momlife!
On top of the running I have also been doing PiYo on my cross training days; or adding in the shorter workouts after a run. And not to sound cliche' or anything, but it has made a huge difference in how I carry myself, my posture, AND I notice a difference in my lean-ness (is that word?!). I had just finished up Hammer and Chisel before PiYo; which was a great program, and I did gain some serious muscle but the further I got in my pregnancy the more it just wasn't working for me.

Since I began PiYo I already notice a difference in how my jeans fit...despite being pregnant guys! Like that his HUGE! I don't know if it is the change in cardio, H&C doesn't have much cardio; you are always doing weight or body weight/cardio which is different than full on cardio moves!

It is NOT easy that is for sure! Now that I am more used to the moves, I feel I can get into them much easier and feel the benefits from my body knowing those postures. The Lower Body...those stretches after running...Oh my word...so fabulous! I could sit in pigeon all day!

And of course some of the moves I do modify; but after I have this baby; I think PiYo is going to be great for postpartum.

Anyhow, I am super happy about it and it is certainly helping my running I think! I'll continue to keep you posted! ;)

If you are interested in this program to supplement your running feel free to check it out here:

PiYo Base Program      PiYo Base with Shakeology

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