Every Day Is A New Opportunity..

 This past week I have had several messages from people tell me they are impressed and motivated in the fact that I continue to workout through pregnancy while I am chasing a 13 month old. So thank you if you that was any of you!! Honestly that means SO MUCH!

I am by no means perfect in ANY way, nor am I super-human or have some super powers (somedays I sure do wish!)  Anyhow it got me thinking...I choose my lifestyle. I choose to create a healthy living each morning I wake up. There are days I don't want too, and days where I eat crap and feel like crap, but each day you are here is a new opportunity to make it your very best! So how can we have excuses?! If you fail one day, well wipe it off, and start again. And who says you have to wait a WHOLE DAY to begin again; if you make a mistake, or an unhealthy choice, well so be it; move on, and try harder next time. We are not perfect, NO ONE IS PERFECT. 
God designed us that way on purpose! If it were a perfect world it would be pretty dang boring if you ask me! 

So don't cut yourself short, stop wishing, wishing wishing for something you don't have and start doing. Because in DOING there is fulfillment; and more often than not, you feel BETTER than ever thought possible once you start DOING. 
In DOING, you becoming your best so that you can GIVE your best to others, your family, your work, your job, your neighbors, whatever it may be, yourself even! 

So Tomorrow when you wake up you decide your day. You decide what your actions and reactions are going to be. Your are given ONE LIFE, ONE CHANCE at this thing called life, so why not make the best of it?!

Happy Weekend you all!

My husband is out of town on his two days off so this Momma is gonna be TIRED! If I"m not here make sure to catch me on my social media! 

Be Happy, Be Well, Positive Vibes! 

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