Benefits of PiYo and Running

I have been researching this for a while I said in my last post, but I wanted to give some more specifics of WHY it is so beneficial. I have had a HUGE interest in the group and I am beyond blessed to have so many talented runners that want to better themselves and that will help keep me accountable!

I have a few slots open (I opened 10 more because of the high demand!)  so be sure to e-mail if you want more details!

So PiYo...yeah whats the big deal right?!

Well it just so happens that combining the two magic forces of Yoga & Pilates, you will lengthen and  strengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calve muscles. More strength, plus more flexibility equals more speed! (Hands in the air) Who doesn't want that?!

Whether you are just starting out with running or have been running a lifetime you KNOW how important it is to stay flexible and well stretched to avoid injuries and set backs!
The best part is many of us 'runners' tend to get bored with typical yoga because it is too low key. Luckily PiYo is at a much faster pace than typical yoga, but you are still benefiting from all the moves. Win-win right?!

How to Combine them both?!

It could be tempting to keep your running schedule and add the PiYo program to it exactly as it is stated; however that would be too much on your body to add both at once. Especially if you are training for a longer race such as a full marathon, ultra marathon or triatholon.

Adding MORE cardio to that combo could make things worse leaning towards over training! And we don't want more injuries; we want to prevent them!

As part of the PiYo program there are many workous that focus on your strength and flexibility, and will not take away from your cardio performance on your running days!

Those workouts that you should focus on if your are combining running are:

  • Drench
  • Sweat
  • Lower 
  • Core
  • Hardcore on the Floor
And from the words of the creator of the program herself; here is a quick video where she tells you!

So if you want to enhancing running grab a friend and start doing some PiYo!!

If you need support in this or have more questions feel free to reach out or check out this link which describes the program in detail:

What are your big running goals for the spring?!


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