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I FINALLY made the leap and set up an appointment with a chiropractor the beginning of the week. I have had on and off back pain since the birth of my first son (who is now 13 months old mind you!) And it honestly was one of those things I kept putting off  for this that or the other thing. I think I was also somewhat afraid to go see one. Don't ask me why but I had never been before so it kinda made me nervous!

But on Sunday, I took Vito for a nice long walk in the sun with my mom, and I honestly wanted to cry. I am not one to complain, or say things hurt when they do but my back was KILLING ME. Just from WALKING! It was the worst feeling in the world and I honestly have never felt that before, I felt very helpless. I almost didn't think I was going to make it up the hill back to my house...

So on Monday I called a Chiropractor they were very nice, and fit me yesterday afternoon. I had to fill out a bunch of papers, I was called into a little room for a screening and more questions. The lady there used this laser tool to measure the intensity of my pain on a computer program...and in all the spots I hurt...the little red line was off the charts! The lady said she had never seen it that bad before! Yikes! I guess I had all the reason to be there.

Once that was over the Doctor came in to talk to me and ask me some more questions, she then took me into the next room and adjusted me with a little tapper thing (?!) I totally forget the name but it was a little instrument that looks like a kiddos play shot from a doctor kit and makes a click sound. Apparently it is more effective with adjustments. Not to sound cliche or anything but after she adjusted me spending more time on the right side of my body...where I have the most pain, I stood up and instantly felt better.  For over a year I had this weird pressure in my back; like my bones were pushing against each other and I always would push my hip out in hopes it would pop or crack or something!  Well low and behold that is not normal people!  why I took so darn long to get my back to health is beyond me!

I am hoping that my back is now on the mend so I can get back to doing activities I really enjoy! Such as RUNNING! and WALKING even! Geesh! I guess it is my own fault for waiting so long; and with all the working out and fitness related things AND the running I did before I had children all caught up too me.

So if you are reading this and thinking; dang I should go see a Chiropractor just to stay on good terms with my body... DO IT! They know what they are talking about and you will just feel better overall!

From here on out...this back is getting 'back to health!' HA!

Because these mizunos can't wait to get a rhythm again, and I honestly think my boy misses it!

The 'three' of us heading out for a walk...sometimes I forget I'm pregnant until I realize the weight in my middle isn't leftovers from my lunch! HA! 


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