Are you a runner?!! I need your HELP!

Are you a runner?!

I need your HELP!! PLEASE!!! (not too sound too desperate or anything! HA!)
I will be getting back on the running train and I need you to keep my bum motivated! I'll be running a 5K in May...(and saying that makes me miss the days where I was running a 13.1 no problem!) 

..It may sound a little weak, but I'm pregnant and coming back from a minor back injury so slow and steady wins the race! I just needed a few back adjustments and have been more conscious about wearing my back/belly support when I workout. Caring for a 13 month old and being pregnant is surely no easy feat! wink emotico

Anyhow;  back at it for my training this time around I will be incorporating a cross training program that is proven to lower your race times, and make you stronger..even if your running for two or three or carrying one in your belly and pushing the other in the stroller; it all equals out. And may I add us Momma runners Kick Butt!!! I mean anyone who pushes a stroller running is amazing, anyone who pushes a stroller while pregnant is even more amazing! Go us!!!

smile emoticon 
So who is with me?! Who is training for some spring races and wants to stay injury free?! Come join me,(or should I say US! HA!)  

I'm not going all out or anything; I just want to start running/walking and making sure I can keep my strength up at the same time; so this program is a combination of yoga and Pilates which is highly beneficial to all runners. 

Depending on your up-coming race schedule I can help you modify and adapt your training plan. I have a 5K plan I adapted along with a half marathon plan. Anything in between we will work it out! 

I can't wait to meet you all and most of all I can't wait to start pounding the pavement again! It has been an oddly long winter..even though it really hasn't been very winter-y up here in the North East! But I"m ready for longer days, more sunshine and warmer weather! 

we NEED you!!!

***I only have 10 open slots!**

***We will start training March 14th!***


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