You got this Momma!

Hey Mommas!

Pregnant and non pregnant a-like; My alarm went off today at 5AM and I seriously thought to myself...HELL NO! It was SO warm in my bed; my husband was next too me; who mind you I hadn't seen for the past 5 days, due to Valentines Day. He is a chef therefore he worked very long hours over the weekend including all day Sunday, which is usually the start to his weekend.

But I thought to myself; if I don't get up now, I am going to regret it, feel tense, stressed and thinking about why I was too lazy to get up and workout! I may have stayed in the bed an extra 10 minutes but I got up; got the coffee brewing and got my workout in all before 6AM ;BOOM.
If this pregnant tired Momma can wake up early and hit the weights; you can too!!
Do something good for yourself today! Share the love!
If I can work out; I KNOW you can too! And honestly once you get into your groove; missing it will make you feel worse. There are times when I really, really don't want to get up. There are days when I just get up and say OK lets hammer this out. And there are days where I know I will be home all day so the pressure to get up first thing and get it over with is not so pressing. But too be honest those are the days where I am always like it nap time yet so I can get this workout going or what?!

The fact that I am in my second Trimester of my second pregnancy I do try to rest as much as I can. My son is extremely active but he is a good sleeper; so on those mornings when my alarm goes off at 5:30, and he is still sleeping; yes I do take advantage and sleep an extra half hour. But that is the life that I created for myself. I work my buns off working my home business while my husband is at work late and while my son is napping. I only have to get up two mornings a week and actually BE somewhere to work for someone else. The rest of the time I am my boss. I work in my PJ's I work in my leggings; I work from the couch, you get my drift. The fact that any of that is even possible still blows me away!

Anyhow, getting side tracked; the main point of this  post was to tell you that YOU, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. YOU can do HARD THINGS. IF I CAN DO IT; YOU CAN DO IT! I have faith in you and YOU, YOU MOMMA's DESERVE too feel good; so show yourself some love and get a sweat on!

Happy Monday!

OH, I do have ONE spot, ONE spot in my online bootcamp starting the 22nd, if you feel you need some support in starting a fitness program; or maybe you just have questions, don't be afraid to ask! I got your back!

Rock on....


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