Sometimes the truth hurts!

Whoa...sorry been MIA lately!! Its been a busy weekend, school vacation is this week so I have had the same days off as my husband! Its been nice, yesterday we were busy renewing our passports (well mine) and getting Vito his first one for our big trip to Italy the end of April!

Today I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon (baby looks great!) but other than that we hung out at home; I cleaned; stayed in my PJ's until 12 and it has been great!

Anyhow; I posted on my Facebook something that some people might have been a little annoyed with  but.....sometimes the truth hurts right?!

I have SO many ladies come to me and tell me they are unhappy with their weight, the feel unhappy, they ARE unhappy, they don't feel like themselves anymore, they don't have the energy to workout, work, take care of family, do mom duties etc, etc.

After we spend some time discussing their goals, what their current day is and what exercise program would best fit into their life they tend to stall at the price of an exercise program. They tell me they can't right now, the husband won't let them, bills have come up etc.
First off I GET ALL OF THE ABOVE. Life HAPPENS! and sometimes dropping $140-$160 for an exercise program/nutrition program can feel overwhelming and intimidating.
My husband was against the program I purchased in the beginning also, but I did the research, proved it too him and told him if I don't see changes in 30 days I get all my money back!

So really, it's a win-win right?! And I'm sorry but if you don't feel good about yourself, than your whole aurora is negative and that has a HUGE impact on the way you interact with others around and your family!

So I leave you with TWO words; QUIT and STOP.
QUIT making excuses
QUIT whining
QUIT complaining
QUIT crying
STOP believing that you can't
STOP letting others tell you what you can and cannot do; its YOUR body
STOP thinking you can't
and put on your big girl panties and just freaken DO IT.

If you want to change; you have to put in the effort. You have to do the work. You have to be uncomfortable for a little bit and you have to spend a little money on yourself.
How many times have you told yourself, I'll do it on my own, I'll start eating healthy tomorrow, I'll workout starting Monday.

Well do yourself a favor and STOP the excuses, QUIT the excuses and just BE HAPPY!
LIFE is too short!!!!

I love you all!

If you're on vacation I'm hoping you are relaxing and doing the things that matter the most to you!  


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